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Soil hook GZN-12 for 12" rubber wheel

Pneumatic wheels, which are equipped with walk-behind tractors, often do not provide reliable grip on the ground and are used mainly for towing a trailer, walk-behind tractor and similar work on dense, hard ground. Plowing, planting and harvesting on loose and viscous soils on rubber wheels can be handled only by heavy walk-behind tractors, for light walk-behind tractors such tasks may be beyond the capacity. To improve the grip of motoblocks with the ground, lugs are used. LLC "Agromotorservis" produces lugs-pads that are put on directly on the wheels of the walk-behind tractor, which saves time on its re-equipment - you can, for example, bring the necessary tools in a trailer to the place of work on a hard road on standard wheels and, having installed the pads, immediately start to work.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Grouser diameter (from hook to hook) mm 600
Lug width mm 120
Hook height mm 30
Weight kg 5,750