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Mini tractor XINGTAI 304

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The XINGTAI (Xingtai) 304 wheeled mini-tractor is designed for agricultural and communal works, depending on the additional equipment used with it.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Engine capacity sm3 1630
Minimum turning radius without brake m 3.0 ± 0.2
Minimum turning radius with one-way brake m 2.6 ± 0.2
Front tire size - 6.00х16
Rear tire size - 8.3х24
Front wheel track mm 950
Rear wheel track mm 1080-1380
Minimum clearance mm 295
Maximum lifting capacity of the hitch kg 350
Hydraulic pump type gear pump -
Theoretical forward speed km/h 2,1-31,97
Brake mechanism drum type -
Front axle oil type transmission -
Oil type in gearbox, rear axle transmission -
Rated oil consumption in the engine g/kWh 2,31
Engine oil type mineral or semi-synthetic for diesel engines -
Nominal pulling force kN 6,7
Engine rated speed rpm 2200
Fuel pump type plunger -
Rated fuel consumption g/kWh 272
Bore/Stroke - 102/100
Cooling fan drive V-belt transmission -
Theoretical backward speed km/h 2,76-12,76