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DONGFENG 354 Tractor (DHL)

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The DONGFENG (Dongfeng) 354 wheeled all-wheel drive tractor is designed for agricultural, municipal, construction work, depending on the additional equipment used with it.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Engine capacity sm3 2231,65
Gearbox and rear axle housing volume l 25
Engine crankcase volume l 4,5
Fuel tank volume l 28
Theoretical backward speed km/h 2.26 – 11.70
Theoretical travel speed km/h 1.74 – 30.68
Minimum turning radius with one-way brake m 2,8
Front tire size - 6,5х16
Front tire size - 11,2х24
Front wheel track mm 1200
Rear wheel track mm 1100-1400
Wheelbase mm 1739
Minimum clearance mm 358
Maximum lifting capacity of the hitch kg 580
Hydraulic pump type gear pump -
Brake mechanism drum type -
Cooling fan drive V-belt transmission -
Front axle oil type transmission -
Oil type in gearbox, rear axle mineral -
Rated oil consumption in the engine g/kWh 2,04
Engine oil type mineral or semi-synthetic for diesel engines -
Nominal pulling force kN 7,23
Engine rated speed rpm 2400
Fuel pump type plunger, in-line -
Rated fuel consumption g/kWh ?251,6
Bore/Stroke - 95х105
Front axle crankcase volume l 6,6
Engine cooling system volume l 8,2