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All-wheel drive tractor DTZ 244.4 C (4244K)

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Wheeled all-wheel drive mini tractor DTZ 244.4C is designed to perform any agricultural, municipal, construction work, depending on the additional equipment used with it. DTZ tractors are designed specifically for work in the geographical and climatic conditions of Ukraine. 3-cyl. engine with increased tractive effort and increased service life. Four-wheel drive. Reverse. Power steering. Double disc clutch. Separate tank for hydraulic oil. The hydraulic outlet is equipped with a quick break clutch. Trailer electrical socket. Electronic combined instrument panel. Comfortable, adjustable chair with shock absorbers. Large ground clearance. Reinforced hinge mechanism. Low fuel consumption.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Power h.p. 24
Wheel formula - 4х4
Number of engine cylinders - 3
Gearbox formula - (4+1)х2
Сlutch two-disk -
Rear differential lock - +
Power steering - +
Visor - -
Cabin - +