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Hiller adjustable PGR-03T

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A universal 3-row hiller for a mini-tractor with the ability to adjust the width of the soil by turning the dumps allows you to cultivate three rows in one pass, which saves time and fuel. In its manufacture, hardened steel is used, due to which the unit can work in difficult conditions for a long time. The three-row hiller is suitable for any natural and climatic zones, joins cultivators and motoblocks with a capacity of 10 liters. forces and mini-tractors with a capacity of 11 liters. strength and more. The main purpose of the device is cutting furrows in loose soil for planting root crops and processing row spacing. Note the presence of an adjustable field board in the 3-row hiller for adjusting the retention of the “blades” at the required depth and spreading the dumps for setting the working width.