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Potato planter KS-01С

This potato planter is aggregated with motoblocks like "Neva", "Salute", "Star", "Forte", "Knight", "Damask", "Bison", "Centaur", "Cascade", "Favorite", "Motor Sich". , "MTZ" and similar. The mechanism of a potato planter is executed qualitatively, in a design ball bearings and a strong metal basis are used.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Number of rows planted - 1
Hopper capacity l 20
Depth of landing sm 5-18
Diameter of potatoes mm 40-60
Landing step in a row mm 190-280
Conveyor type tape -
Landing mechanism elevator -
Track mm 52-62
Type of okuchnik disk on bearings -
Ridge height sm 15-20
The size of the ground hooks mm 340/110
Dimensions L*W*H mm 970*540*700
Working speed mm 3
Weight kg 41
Dispenser for fertilizers no -
Transport wheels yes -