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Potato planter KS-02

This potato planter is aggregated with motoblocks like "Neva", "Salute", "Star", "Forte", "Knight", "WEIMA", "BULAT", "Bison", "Centaur", "Cascade", "Favorite", "Motor Sich", "MTZ" and similar.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Number of rows planted - 1
Hopper capacity l 35
Depth of landing sm 5-18
Diameter of potatoes mm 40-60
Landing step in a row mm 190-280
Conveyor type chain -
Landing mechanism elevator -
Track mm 52-62
Type of hiller disk on bearings -
Ridge height sm 15-20
The size of the ground hooks mm 340/110
Dimensions L*W*H mm 970*540*700
Working speed km/h 3
Weight kg 25,5
Dispenser for fertilizers no -
Transport wheels no -