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Disc harrow mounted BDN-2,2

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The disc harrow is intended for loosening and preparation of soils for crops, destruction of weeds and crushing of crop residues, processing of layers of the soil, and also for care of meadows and pastures. Finishing discs of a harrow made of strong qualitative steel that guarantees long operation of this hinged equipment. The required tractor power to work with this unit is from 70 to 80 horsepower. The disk harrow on a three-point standard hinged system, for example as at MTZ-80 tractors is established.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Harrow type Hinged -
Performance in regular time Ga/h 2,1
Variable time performance Ga/h 1,6
Productivity by operating time Ga/h 1,5
Tractor class - 1,4
Working width of capture m 2,1±0,1
Working depth sm 16
Working speed km/h 10
Overall dimensions length mm 2720
Overall dimensions width mm 2410
Overall dimensions height mm 1200
The weight of the harrow is structural kg 570
The mass of the harrow is total kg 590
The distance between the disks mm 230±5
Diameter of disks mm 510±5
Road clearance mm 300
Transport speed km/h 15
Number of disk batteries pcs. 2