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Mounted soil milling cutter GFN-1.4

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Ground cutter with high agrotechnical properties. The milling cutter is used after plowing the soil, after harvesting thick-stemmed crops to improve forage lands. The tiller is not designed to work on stony soils. The tiller is designed to create optimal soil density for further tillage. The working part of the grinder is its rotation shaft, on which the hardened steel knives are helically located. The milling cutter provides breaking up clods of earth, killing weeds and reducing its amount in the future, crushing plant residues, saturating the soil with oxygen, mixing fertilizers with the upper layers of the soil and leveling the earth's surface.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Working width m 1,4
Depth of cultivation mm 180
Unit weight kg 280
Number of knives pcs. 36
Rotate the shaft during operation Rpm 265
Tractor power h.p. 25
Working speed km/h 1,5-6
Turnover of GDP Rpm 540
Weight kg 280-400