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Double potato planter KS2-60

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A potato planter for a tractor, simple in design, operation and maintenance. The mounted potato planter consists of a loading hopper of various capacities, planting devices of a spoon-disk type, a plow for filling the furrow. The mechanism is driven by the revolutions of the supporting drive wheels. Depending on the volume of the bins, the potato planter is able to plant a different number of tubers in one pass: the larger the hopper, the more potatoes will be planted. Mounted potato planter, 2-row, automatic KS2-60 is intended exclusively for work in agriculture. Its use for other purposes will be considered as improper use. Compliance with the requirements for the use, maintenance and repair of the machine in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and their exact observance is a condition for using the machine as intended. The machine must be operated and serviced exclusively by persons familiar with its basic characteristics and rules of safe operation.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Type Hinged -
Width of work m 1,25-1,35
Depth of planting mm 60-150
Distance between rows mm 625/675
Potato planting interval mm 290/320/350
Loading capacity of the bunker kg 180
Unit weight kg 207
Tractor class - 0,6
Working speed km/h 4
Overall dimensions length mm 1315
Overall dimensions width mm 1540
Overall dimensions height mm 1445