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Tractor mounted plow PTN-2-25

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The use of the PTN-2-25 plow is economically expedient when working with small areas. Ensures conditions for the introduction of seeds of grain and industrial crops. Prepares the area for fertilization. Improves the chemical and biological characteristics of the soil and the operational properties of the field. Able to work with areas for various purposes. For operation, it is connected to tractors with an engine power of 25 hp. The plow PTN-2-25 is a modern agricultural tool. Simple and functional. Designed for classic tillage. Needs aggregation with low-budget, energy-efficient models of traction equipment. It is used when performing most of the work required for a successful agricultural production.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Housings - 2
Working width m 0,5
Length mm 1350
Length mm 1000
Height mm 1190
Weight kg 150
Working speed km/h 4-8
Recess m 0,3