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Tractor trailer 1T5NJE platform length 2600 ± 100 mm

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The trailer is designed to transport various agricultural cargo on the roads of the general network and in the field in all regions of Ukraine. Tractor tractors are traction tractors classes 0.6-1.4 t. s., equipped with a coupling device according to DSTU ISO 5692-3: 2013 and with the possibility of connecting a hydraulic lift.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Weight of cargo, not more kg 1800
The weight of the equipped trailer (with accessories and spare parts) kg 490±130
Full weight of the trailer, not more than permissible kg 2420
Permissible coupling load kgf 322
Permissible trailer axle load kgf 2098
Wheelbase mm 2860±50
Wheel track mm 1460±100
Ground clearance mm 320±20
Overall dimensions, length mm 3880±100
Overall dimensions, width mm 1890±100
Overall dimensions, height (maximum) mm 2500
Internal dimensions of a body, length mm 2520±100
Internal dimensions of a body, width mm 1720±100
Internal dimensions of a body, height mm 500±200
Platform area m2 4,3±0,4
WPlatform size m3 2,3±1,1
Lifting mechanism Piston hydraulic cylinder -
Working pressure in the hydraulic system MPa 17
Backward tilt angle of the platform, not less degr 45
The angle of inclination of the platform to the side, not less degr 50
Lifting time of a loaded body, no more sec 15
Lowering time of an empty body, no more sec 30
Number of axles / wheels pc. 1/2
Wheels disk -
Tires - 10,0/75-15,3 10PR 129A6
Tire pressure MPa 0,39
Permissible speed km/h 30