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Automobile trailer AMS-772 "Starcon"

Trailer model AMS772 "Starcon". Drawbar: A-shaped, removable, mounted on the front side of the trailer frame. It contains a hitch assembly, fixed to the towbar of the car, a safety cable, a folding stand. Frame: welded from a shaped tube. Suspension: springs "AL-KO", shock absorbers VAZ-2101 (rear). Hub: high quality steel VAZ-2108, under the wheel of a Zhiguli car. Coupling device: "Steelpress produkction" ZSK-750 or "AL-KO" AK 7V. In the manufacture of the trailer, powder painting is used - a method of obtaining polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties. The tailgate opens to facilitate loading and unloading. The trailer can be used with almost any car, if its (trailer) maximum permissible weight does not exceed the weight of the equipped car belonging to the category "B." As for the hitch - towbar, technically it can be installed on any car.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Number of axles / wheels pc. 2/4
Weight of the equipped trailer kg 400±70
Weight of cargo, not more kg 420
Full weight of the trailer, not more than permissible kg 750
Maximum total mass of the trailer, which accounts for: - per axis, - on the locking device kg 342,5 - 362,5, 25 - 65
Loading height mm 570±100
Ground clearance, not less mm 170
Wheel track mm 1770±100
Trailer base mm 2880±80
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - height (with arches and awning) mm 970±110 (2400)
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - length, - width mm 4600±100, 1980±100
Overall dimensions of a body: - height mm 490±100
Overall dimensions of a body: - length, - width mm 3500±100, 1500±100
Distance from the support surface to the center of the spherical surface of the locking device for a full weight trailer: - not less, - no more mm 395, 465
Maximum trailer speed km/h 80
Tires according to GOST 4754. Tire size. - 155/70R13; 165/70R13; 175/70R13;
Tire pressure MPa 0,20±0,01
Rated supply voltage of the trailer electrical equipment AT 12