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Motor-tractor potato digger KPK-MT (PTO)

The potato digger for the KPK-MT mini-tractor is designed for mechanized digging of potatoes, separating tubers from the soil and laying them on the surface for further manual collection. It is also possible to collect onions, beets, garlic. It is used in conjunction with mini tractors with a rear power take-off shaft (PTO) output. The module consists of an active knife and a shaking sieve. It is possible to adjust the digging depth by means of support wheels, the quality of soil separation is regulated by the speed of the motor tractor.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Number of excavated rows - 1
Performance Ga/h 0,2
Digging width mm 450
Dimensions L*W*H mm 1200*900*800
The weight kg 68