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Rotary scythe KST-0.8

Mounted rotary scythe KST-0.8 is designed for mowing grass with diesel mini-tractors (motor-tractors) with a capacity of 12-15 liters. from. or converted from motoblocks. The KST-0.8 mower is fixed using the Z-61 hitch. In working condition, it is located relative to the minitractor at an angle of 90 °, the drive is carried out from the clutch using a belt drive. Thanks to the shock absorber, the mower runs smoothly during mowing. KST-0.8 is convenient to use on slopes and uneven terrain.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Cutting height mm 30-100
Performance Ga/h 0,2
Capture width mm 800
Working speed km/h 2-3
Weight kg 45