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Disk harrow BDFP-2.8

The disc harrow with a frontal arrangement of the working bodies BDFP-2.8 is intended for continuous and pre-sowing treatment of soils of various mechanical composition for industrial, grain and fodder crops with crushing and embedding of plant residues into the soil (refreshing soddy meadows) in various agrotechnical schemes. The adjustable working depth is approximately from 8 to 18 cm. The harrow is equipped with plate cylindrical rollers with a diameter of 40 cm. BDFP-2.8 is designed for operation with tractors with a capacity of 80 hp. from.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Performance ga/h 1,9
Soil processing depth sm 8-18
Weight kg 1600
Working speed km/h 8-12
Height sm 140
Transport speed, no more km/h 20
Ground clearance, not less mm 300