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2-body plow PLN-2-35

The mounted plow PLN-2-35 is designed for plowing for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 35 cm in various soils, not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles with a specific resistance of up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kg / cm2) and a hardness of up to 4 , 0 MPa (40kg / cm2). They are aggregated with tractors of class 0.9 (T-40, LTZ-55) and are completed with bodies with a cultural working surface for operation at speeds from 7 to 9 km / h.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Performance Ga/h 0,5-0,65
Capture width m 0,7
Number of buildings pc. 2
Plow weight with a full set of working bodies kg 440
Dimensions L*W*H mm 2700х1270х1320
Plowing depth sm 35
Plowing depth of the skimmer sm 12
Working speed of movement km/h 7-9