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Trailer model AMC376

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The trailers are classified as O1 in accordance with DSTU UN / ECE R 13-09: 2002 and are intended for the transportation of goods on the roads on which the operation of cars is allowed. Complies with TU U 34.2-30456416-001: 2009. Trailers can be operated with a main traction vehicle of category M1 in accordance with DSTU UN / ECE R 13-09: 2002, equipped with a towing device (TSP) in accordance with OST 37.001.096, which includes a ball pin in accordance with GOST 28248 and a plug socket in accordance with GOST 9200 for connecting a trailer and connecting its electrical equipment. Technical characteristics of vehicles must allow towing a trailer with full weight. The trailers are made in climatic version UHL, placement category 1 GOST 15150 and are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from -40 °C to + 40 °C.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Number of axles / wheels pc. 2/4
Weight of the equipped trailer kg 380±40
Weight of cargo, not more kg 1660
Full weight of the trailer, not more than permissible kg 2000
Maximum total mass of the trailer, which accounts for: - per axis, - on the locking device kg 988, 100
Loading height mm 530±70
Ground clearance, not less mm 170
Wheel track mm 1850±50
Trailer base mm 2880±70
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - height (with arches and awning) mm 1020±100
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - length, - width mm 4400±100, 2030±50
Overall dimensions of a body: - height mm 490±100
Overall dimensions of a body: - length, - width mm 3000±100, 1550±50
Distance from the support surface to the center of the spherical surface of the locking device for a full weight trailer: - not less, - no more mm 395, 465
Maximum trailer speed km/h 80
Tires according to GOST 4754. Tire size. - 155/70R13; 165/70R13; 175/70R13;
Tire pressure MPa 0,20±0,01
Rated supply voltage of the trailer electrical equipment AT 12