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Trailer for AMC-400-03 "Starponi" walk-behind tractor

The trailer for the AMC-400-03 "Starponi" walk-behind tractor is the largest in the model range. The tailgate opens for easy loading and unloading. Hub: high quality cast iron VAZ-2101-07, under the wheel of a Zhiguli car. In the manufacture of the trailer, powder coating is used - a method of obtaining polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties.


Name Characteristics Unit Value
Weight of the trailer kg 140±20
Number of wheels pc. 2
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - height mm 820±30
Weight of cargo, not more kg 300
Full weight of the trailer, not more than permissible kg 440±20
Maximum total mass of the trailer, which accounts for: - per axis, - on the locking device kg 400 - 415, 25 - 40
Loading height mm 430±30
Ground clearance, not less mm 180
Wheel track mm 1435±25
Overall dimensions of the trailer: - length, - width mm 3700±30, 1655±30
Maximum trailer speed km/h 10
Tires according to GOST 4754. Tire size. - 155/70R13; 165/70R13; 175/70R13;
Tire pressure MPa 0,24±0,01